Supermoto Race Motorcycle Tire Ranking

    Especially for racing, riders use sportbike slicks that aren’t technically supermoto motorcycle tires. Below are some of the more popular options mentioned in reviews.
    super moto race Supermoto Race

    # 1 Dunlop UK NTEC KR106/KR108 (Slick)

    The Dunlop UK NTEC KR106/KR108 is one of the best slicks money can buy. Tire life and grip are praised. Tire warmers are required for these tires since they are true race tires. These are also some of the more expensive tires you can buy. Dunlop is preferred over Bridgestone and Michelin.

    # 2 Bridgestone Battlax Racing (Slick)

    The Bridgestone Battlax Racing Slick is a long wearing tire. It lasts longer than the Dunlop D211 GP-A. The Michelin Power Cup front is preferred over the Battlax Racing Slick. There is contingency money for 2013.

    # 3 Metzeler Racetec SM K1, K2 (Slick)

    Recommend supersoft front, soft rear. There aren’t many US reviews of this tire, so difficult to rank it. buy now Supermoto Race

    # 4 Dunlop USA NTEC KR448/KR449 (Slick)

    While the Dunlop UK NTEC KR106/KR108 is more expensive than the USA NTEC KR448/KR449, many riders say the UK NTEC is worth it because of the increased tire life compared to the USA version. Lap times of the USA NTEC is approximately 1 second slower compared to the UK NTEC. There is contingency money for 2013.

    # 5 Dunlop D211 GP UK NTEC (DOT)

    The D211 GP is the UK DOT NTEC version. It is slower than either the UK KR106/KR108 or US KR448/KR449 slick. There is contingency money for 2013.

    # 6 Dunlop D211 GP-A NTEC (DOT)

    The GP-A improved from 2011 to 2012. So, if you rode the D211 GP-A before 2012 you might want to try it again. The UK D211 GP performs and is rated more highly than the USA D211 GP-A. There is a second or less difference between the GP and GP-A. There is contingency money for 2013.

    # 7 Bridgestone R10

    The Bridgestone R10 is a race and track day tire. As such it needs to be kept hot to operate safely, so if you are in the intermediate group or lower you might want to use a different tire. The tire wear was praised for a race/track day tire. Some were able to get same lap times as NTEC, while another went back to NTEC.