Supermoto General Use Motorcycle Tire Ranking

    We separated supermoto general use from supermoto race because the tires used for each are different.  See below for supermoto general use tires.

    super moto general use Supermoto General Use

    # 1 Dunlop Qualifier 2/Sportsmart

    The 2012 Motorrad tire test rated the Dunlop Sportsmart #2 in track tests. While the Sportsmart and Qualifier 2 are not exactly the same tire, they are close so the Sportsmart review is included with the Q2. The Sportsmart is praised for high stability in the curves, with the main caution being that the tire needs heat more than other tires. Overall street/track tire ratings it was rated fourth. The Dunlop Qualifier II, while in the more expensive group of tires, provides good performance and value. Both the Visordown and Motorcycle USA tests support this tire as being better for the street than on the track. So, if you are looking for a solid street tire you should definitely consider the Dunlop Qualifier II. In a Visordown review the Dunlop Qualifier II was rated number 1 of the tires tested. Damp Test: 1:21:58 – Warm-up fast and cut through water nicely, braking is good, Michelins seemed to hold line better, always felt in control. Dry Test: 1:12:80 – Great amount of feel, mid-corner handling is excellent, best of the group in performance and value for the money. In a Motorcycle USA test it was rated #2 as a street tire and #4 as a track tire. This tire was also in Group A, like the highest rated Pirello Diablo Supercorsa SP, #2 at Streets of Willow (1:23:91) and #4 at Willow Springs (1:33:53). Reviews from other tire sites rate the front tire higher than the rear. On one site the rear is rated 4 of 5 stars, on another rear 3.7 of 5 stars. Front 4.6 of 5 stars. buy now Supermoto General Use

    # 2 Bridgestone BT 003 Racing Street

    The Bridgestone BT 003 Racing Street tire is relatively inexpensive compared to the competition. The front tire is one of the lightest in its class, while the rear is the heaviest. Ability to absorb rough pavement is good. Braking is excellent. Very good reviews of the front tire, with a number of people saying it is the best front tire they have ever used. buy now Supermoto General Use

    # 3 Avon Distanzia

    The Avon Distanzia is positively reviewed as a 80% street/20% dirt tire. The tire lasts 6,000 – 8,000 miles. Good on mountain twisties, soft sand, forest service roads. Tires warm up quickly, provide good road feel with no abonormal cupping. The rear tire is rated higher than the front tire. buy now Supermoto General Use

    # 4 Continental ContiAttack SM

    The Continental ContiAttack SM is specifically designed for supermoto riding. The tire provides strong grip at the expense of tire life, so if grip is the priority then this tire is worth trying. A number of riders prefer the ContiAttack SM over the Michelin Pilot Powers. Avon Distanzia tire was preferred over the ContiAttack SM. buy now Supermoto General Use

    # 5 Michelin Pilot Power 2CT

    The Michelin Pilot Power 2CT is a highly-rated by users. Formal tests put the tire more in the middle of the pack of less expensive tires. In the Visordown article it was rated #3. Damp Test: 1:21:90 – Best for rear traction and really stable under hard acceleration, took a bit to warm up. Dry Test: 1:12:83 – Warm-up isn’t great, once warmed up feel like will grip all day long, feel is on the level of a race tyre, best on brakes. In the Motorcycle USA tire test it was rated #2 for a street tire, #3 for a track tire. Group B: #2 Streets of Willow – 1:27:43, #3 Willow Springs – 1:36:53. One site rates the front and rear 4.5 of 5 stars. Another rates both 5 of 5 stars. Another rates the front and rear 4.7 of 5 stars. buy now Supermoto General Use

    # 6 Continental ContiForce SM

    The Continental ContiForce SM tire provides good grip, heat up quickly and are relatively inexpensive.