Shinko 705

    Ranking: #4 Dual Sport Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    The 705 is a DOT approved dual sport tire designed for 80% street and 20% trail riding. A versatile tread pattern provides excellent wet and dry weather adhesion and smooth running on the highway. Tubelss (TL) or Tube Type (TT) as noted. Rubber compound resists tearing during off road use. All sizes designed for front or rear fitment, unless noted. 4-ply construction. H Rated (130 MPH), Q Rated (99 MPH) or P Rated (94 MPH).


    • ¬†Wet and dry handling is good
    • Traction off road is solid, expecially for a dual sport tire

    • Some reports of tread separation

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Shinko 705 provides better mileage as compared to other tires at a reasonable price. Consistent reports of solid handling, grip and quiet ride. Handles the dirt better than one might expect for a dual sport tire, has a deep void that helps dig through hard pack dirt and gravel. One rider feels the Shinko 705 has better handling overall compared to the Metzeler Tourance and costs less. Some complaints of tread separation or losing lugs.

    Reviews by Source Front

    63 reviews. 4.5 of 5 stars. One rider states this is the best, aggressive dual sport tire available. On a Vstrom 650 – checked with a number of tire vendors and all had good comments as long as the bike/tire is not overloaded, track dead straight, handled well in the rain with no loss of traction, great price. On a KLR650 – grip is great in all road conditions and speeds, handle the dirt very well for their 20% dirt rating. On a KLR650 – got 7,000 miles, front does not track with road grooves, by far the best riding tires. On a KLR650 – did a dual sport rally, rode over big rocks, gravel, dirt, tires handled it all except for mud. On a KLR650 – mounted easy, handle great of paved or gravel roads, rode in complete downpour with confidence. On a KLR650 – used on a trip, 75MPH 724 mile day on interstate, gravel fire road they performed well. Another says they like the Shinko 705 better than the Metzeler Tourance, Shinko 705 seems to have better handling overall in all conditions and cost less. Rear

    99 reviews. 4.4 of 5 stars. On a KLR650 – provides better wet traction than Anakee, better stability than Distanzia, wet and dry traction are both excellent, especially given the price. On a Dual Sport Yamaha – great on road stability with little road noise, deep void helps dig through hard pack dirt and gravel. Another prefers the Shinko 705 over the Avon Distanzia, provides excellent traction and handling wet or dry, improved traction off-road, and an incredible price. On a KLR650 – prefer over stock tires, expect to get 7,500 miles, cornering, traction and stability all better than stock. Another reports using three different of the Shinko 705 and all three had tread separation of some sort. Anoter said had a full lug fall off.

    29 reviews. 4.4 of 5 stars. On a DR650 – getting over 5,000 miles as compared to 3,500 with Bridgestone Trail Wings, comparable to better traction on and off road, ride is quiet and smooth, easy to mount. On a Triumph Tiger – got 9,000 miles, fully trust the grip. On a DL650 V-Strom – great grip on pavement, handles better than OEM Trailwing, tread is deep, low price, great value. On a DR650 – performs well on dry and wet roads, hard packed fire roads, not so well in wet dirt and forest mulch.

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