Michelin Starcross Sand 4

    Ranking: #1 Dirt Bike Sand Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    The Michelin® Starcross® Sand 4 tire was developed for sandy tracks like Southwick, where conventional tires struggle for traction and cornering grip at extreme lean angles. The scoop-like knob placement of Starcross® Sand 4 tires helps provide excellent traction without digging in. Already a proven winner at the legendary Le Touquet beach race, Starcross® Sand 4 tires are available in two rear sizes for all current motocross bikes.

    • Rear motocross tire specifically for use on sandy tracks
    • Recommended for use with S12 XCT or Starcross® MS3 front tires
    • Scoop-like knob placement for traction in deep sand
    • Widely spaced rows of knobs help evacuate sand
    • Zigzag orientation of side knobs aids cornering grip
    • Rubber mixture developed to perform well even in cooler temperatures
    • Designed for low inflation pressure: Starcross® Sand 4 tires can be used at pressures as low as 12 psi
    • Specific knob pattern for 125′s or 250 4-strokes: additional side knobs on the 100/90-19 size help minimize digging in, to avoid power loss with smaller bikes.



    • Works in sand very well


    • Not recommended for rocky terrain

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Michelin Starcross Sand 4 is a purpose-made tire for sand. If your riding is in sand dunes or sandy terrain then this is a recommended tire. The Sand 4 is preferred over the Pirelli Scorpion. No reports of lugs breaking off or chunking. OK for occasional spots of hard pack. Rated significantly better than other sand tires.

    Reviews by Source


    8 reviews. 5 of 5 stars. One rider used the Pirelli Scorpion rear and prefers the Michelin Starcross Sand 4 as a better all-around tire for 90% sugar sand terrain, tires feel solid on hard ground. Another rides a lot a Jawbone Canyon with a mix of sandy and hard terrain, perfect for riding hills with loose sand. On a CR125 – works perfect on sand and soft, muddy dirt. Another used the Michelin Starcross Sand 4 at Prophetstown harescramble, shows no wear after 2 hour race through sandy woods. Another says excellent for soft terrain, used for hill climbing in soft dirt, not for use in MX unless a sand track. Another likes the Sand 4 over knobbies, paddles and the Pirelli MT410 for the dunes, lugs thick enough that they won’t break off in occasional hard pack.


    2 reviews. 4.8 of 5 stars. One rider says the Michelin Starcross Sand 4 will wear down on concrete starts, but not nearly as bad as the Pirelli Scorpion, handles well and can put up with some hard track surface.

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