Michelin Power Cup

    Ranking: #1 Sportbike Race Tire

    Michelin Power Cup Michelin Power Cup

    Tire/Tyre Description

    The tread pattern was designed to minimize the tread rubber void and this provide a street legal tire with a tread pattern as close to full slick as possible. The shoulders of both the front and rear Power Cup are full slick in order to ensure the maximum grip level. Furthermore, both front and rear tires have a full-slick portion in the center of the tire to ensure maximum traction during fill on straight-line acceleration.




    • Tire life
    • Overall handling
    • Front tire one of the best¬†


    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Michelin Power Cup receives very strong reviews as a race tire. This tire is in direct competition with the Dunlop NTEC tires. Some riders preferred the Michelin Power Cup and others preferred the Dunlop NTEC UK. If the tire is available to you it is definitely worth a try. If you currently run the NTEK multiple people said to use the Power Cup without changes to the bike. The front of the Power Cup was specifically mentioned as an excellent tire.

    Reviews by Source


    Tire wears very well.


    Use VA until get into upper 80s and then switch to VB. Some use Power Cup A since the VA and VB are agressive on turn-in.


    Rode on VB front, C rear on a 2011 Kawasaki ZX-6R. Was able to get on the gas sooner on exit, could brake much deeper without front end chattering. Shaved 2+ seconds off best lap times. Put 70-80 laps on the tires over 4 races and qualifying. The V front made the bike feel very agile. Edge grip was phenomenal. Able to give it more gas without inducing a slide. Had used 2CT, Power Race and Power Ones before. Got the best lap time well into the 70-80 lap test. Another rider says turn-in similar to UK NTEC and far better wear than US NTEC.


    One rider says the R10 were best on the second heat cycle then degraded noticeably by the fourth heat cycle. Feels Dunlop NTEC provides better feel and life compared to Michelin Power Cup. Another rider switched from Power One to Cup, felt the Cup was a significantly better tire. Another says tried to get used to the R10, liked the rear but the front seemed to tuck. Preferred Cup over NTEC. Also said no setup changes needed on the bike, so easy to try both and decide. Another says the feel between the Cup and NTEC is almost identical.


    Used to ride Pirelli Diablo Supercorsas on 2007 R6. Tested VB front, 180 B and 190 C on the rear. Bike flicks more precisely, at full lean grip is great, front never slipped, when rear slid was predictable, running expert pace. Liked the 190 because felt like more surface area grip, plan to stay with 190. Ran best time of 1.30.8 on Thunderbolt. Feels the Cups wear better than Pirellis.


    Likes Michelin Power Cup better than UK NTEC or US GP-A. Says the front is the best tire he has been on. Very stable when braking hard, mid-corner. Another says they prefer the Michelin Power Cup over the Pirelli Diablo Superbike Pro slicks.