Metzeler Racetec Slick K1 K2

    Ranking: #3 Supermoto Race Tire, #8 Sportbike Race Tire

    Metzeler Racetec Slick K1 K2 Metzeler Racetec Slick K1 K2buy now Metzeler Racetec Slick K1 K2

    Tire/Tyre Description

    The Metzeler Racetec Slick K1 K2 has a front tyre contour developed for fast handling, easy and precise turn-in and trajectory stability. Specific rear tyre contour engineered for the high performance demands of modern hyper sport bikes, supporting full power acceleration. Different compounds specifically developed for best adaptability to different conditions, always ensuring grip at the top level.




    • Handling is not as good as other slicks

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Metzeler Racetec Slick K1 K2 is not used that much in the US so tire reviews are sparse. Riders prefer the Dunlop NTEC and Pirelli Superbike slicks over the Metzeler Racetec Slick.

    Reviews by Source

    One rider prefers Dunlop NTEC over Metzeler Racetec slicks.

    People who raced the Metzeler don’t like them. Recommend Pirelli Superbike slicks.

    The Metzeler slipped where even a used NTEC would not.

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