Metzeler Racetec K3

    Ranking: #8 Sportbike Street Tire, #10 Sportbike Track Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    The Metzeler Racetec K3 adopts INTERACT technology, the latest evolution of the patented 0° steel belt. The new winding process of a 0° steel belt reduces the contribution made by belts and carcass to stress resistance all along the profile. Lower tension in the crown area creates more flexibility and the tyre can adapt itself better to the road surface, enlarging its footprint. High steel belt winding tension in the shoulder area ensures maximum and uniform pressure on the contact patch: the trajectory is therefore always precise, without any deviation.


    • Stick like glue
    • Hold a line perfectly
    • Can be used on track and street

    • Not recommended for cold/wet road

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Metzeler Racetec K3 is not technically in the Metzeler racing category. Track riders seem to like them, as long as the conditions are dry.

    Reviews by Source

    On a S1000RR – ran fastest laps ever, stick like glue and hold a line perfectly. Can also be used on the street. Combo street/track tire.

    Track day in blistering heat, remain predictable and stick great. Not recommended for cold/wet on the road.

    4 reviews. 4.8 of 5 stars. One rider got 4,000 miles, over 190 mph and no issues. Another says the tires heats up very fast, excellent line tracking in corners. More of a street than track tire. On a BMW S1000RR – only got 3,200 miles. Prefer the Racetec over the Pilot Power and 2CT. Don’t like them in the wet.

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