Maxxis Presa Sport MA-PS

    Ranking: #31 Sportbike Street Tire

    Maxxis Presa Sport MA PS Maxxis Presa Sport MA PS

    Tire/Tyre Description

    Maxxis introduces its latest high performance sport bike tire to its product lineup- the new Presa Sport MA-PS. It features an advanced tread pattern and distinct, angular profile to allow quick, precise, and responsive handling. The silica compound, formulated for optimum traction in dry and wet conditions, allows for cooler running temperatures and maximum grip on both the track and street. Further, the revolutionary radial carcass uses monospiral KevlarTM construction to maintain tire uniformity at high speeds. The new Presa Sport is a sport bike tire executing track day performance. High performance radial tire designed for the occasional track day, and aggressive street rider. Innovative tread design provides outstanding handling and cornering performance. Silica compound provides traction when you need it most. New carcass provides greater rider feedback.


    • Stable under hard braking

    • Ranked last of tires in Visordown test

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Maxxis Presa Sport MA-PS was part of a Visordown test with a number of other sportbike tires. The Maxxis Presa Sport MA-PA was rated last in wet and dry lap times/performance. For street riding there aren’t that many reviews, but it was praised as being stable at high speeds, heats up quickly and great for the price.

    Reviews by Source

    2 reviews. 5 of 5 stars. On a gixxer 750 – tire never spun in tight corners under hard acceleration, at high speed stable as a rock, got 4,000 miles. Another says great tire for the price, heats up quickly.

    Visordown tested the Maxxis Presa Sport MA-PS against a number of other tires. The Maxxis Presa Sport was at the bottom of the tires tested, ranked 8th of 8 tires. Damp: 1:23:73, Dry: 1:14:14. Damp – Not as much confidence mid corner, took a while to warm up and scrub in, had to be patient and wait for the bike to be upright before opening the throttle. Dry – Quite good under hard braking, pushes out/slides predictably, pretty good feel, stable.