Kenda Washougal K775

    Ranking: #1 Dirt Bike Motocross Tire, #2 Dirt Bike Offroad Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    The legendary Washougal has proved itself as one of the best intermediate all-in-one tires on the market. Try it in sticky or standard compounds. Designed to meet the demands of intermediate terrain. Available in sticky and standard race compounds. Triangular shaped knobs to reduce knob flex on hard base areas.


    • Works well in sloppy conditions

    • Reports of chunking

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Kenda Washougal K775 is rated above average compared to its peers. None of the motocross tires are especially highly rated. the Kenda K775 is recommended for soft/intermediate terrain. Fairly consistent positive reviews for use in sloppy conditions, tire has good side knobs that aid in getting through the slop. Some reports of chunking.

    Reviews by Source

    16 reviews. 4.5 of 5 stars. One reviewer says best tire has used, good price, maximum traction and minimum wear, great side knobs for sloppy conditions. Another says does well in mud and rocks, hard to put on rim. Another says great on hard dirt and rocks, spins in sand. Another says good for nicely groomed loamy track, but not the best for hardpack corners. Another says can get 4 harescrambles out of one tire and it still hooks up. Another says that the front tends to chunk, started to lose knobs after the 2nd or 3rd ride. Another says the Washougal has a good tread pattern for mixed terrain, rate of wear good value for the price, rockier conditions caused some chunking.

    6 reviews. 72% average. On a KTM 250SX – on hard pack rear performs well but not excellent, performs best on soft and intermediate terrain, on paved roads can feel the knobs fold slightly. On a TE610 – the front gives good feedback, handles canyon roads well for a knobbie, gets through deep sand with confidence, best for soft/intermediate terrain. On a YZ144 and YZ250 – hook up solid in all terrain except slick hard pack, wear has been great. Another says knobs wear slowly but then chunk off for no apparent reason.

    2 reviews. 5 of 5 stars. One reviewer says great tire for loose dirt and sand, does not clump in the mud. Another says hooks really well in goopy mud.

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