Kenda Trakmaster II K760

    Ranking: #8 Dual Sport Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    The legendary Trakmaster continues to be known for great value. Hit the trail and don’t be afraid to take it to the road between trails. DOT approved (90% dirt / 10% road). Strong 6-ply rated carcass. Classic design at affordable price.


    • Does well in sand


    • Not the best on the road
    • Rear is rated below average

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Kenda Trakmaster II K760 gets fairly high marks in the sand, eventhough it is not a purpose-built sand tire. Overall the Kenda K760 receives mixed reviews. Some like it in the soft stuff, while others say it excels in the hard. Fairly consistent reviews saying not the best on the road. The front tire is rated higher than the rear.

    Reviews by Source

    16 reviews. 76 % average. On a XR650L – got 1,200 miles as compared to 1,800 on a 606, much better off road than 606, handling on the road is good for a knobbie. On a XR650L – had 2 rears lose quite a few knobbies with mainly road riding in about 200 miles. Another says tire is great for intermediate and soft terrain, don’t do too bad on hard stuff either. On a CR250 – rode on sandy MX track, works like a paddle tire in the sand, straight line deep sand acceleration is very good. Another says the rear works well in soft, wet loose, poor on the road, very loud and past a certain point the tire feels like it starts to wash out. On an IT 465 – really tough tire, even with pavement and gravel abuse, hooks up well in tacky arena cross dirt, not so much dry dusty stuff. On a RM125 – tire is skinnier than most tires of same size, may want to get one size wider, traction decent on hard clay and muddy creeks, don’t recommend for racing on MX track. On a DRZ – really good in sand, not the best in mud, scary on the pavement. Rear Tire

    11 reviews. 4 of 5 stars. On a XR650R – happy with performance in the desert, climbing loose shale, hard rock, silt, gravel. Another says no chunking on the sheet iron 300 dual sport ride, great budget tires, do need to watch the throttle on the street when new. On a Yamaha WR250R – impressed with wear and traction. Another says rode the entire 2009 D36 enduro season, sheet iron 300 and other rides. On a KTM LC4 – have used Dunlop, Michelin, IRC and Ching, like these the best. Another says great off road tire, very squirrely on the street, very noisy above 45 MPH and a lot of vibration. On a KLR 650 – feel they are wearing pretty quickly, hook up better in hard pack and rocks versus mud/gravel/loose stuff. Front Tire

    6 reviews. 4.7 of 5 stars. One reviewer says great hookup in Florida swamp, good on road performance. On a DRZ250Z – good price, for dual sporting no better tire to use, plenty of traction in the mud. On Suzuki DRs – like better than Pirelli Angel, were spinning in 1/2 inch of mud with old tires, now can ride through just about anything. On a KLR 650 – feel they are wearing pretty quickly, hook up better in hard pack and rocks versus mud/gravel/loose stuff.

    38 reviews. 4.5 of 5 stars. Tires work best in soft terrain, work on granite, roots, mud and sand trails. Another says the tire is great off road, but wears very quickly on the street. On a KTM 450 – handles well on sand, mud, rocks, wet leaves, rocks, traction is very good even in deep mud. Another says the K760 is just as good as Dunlop 606 for half the price, good bite, lateral, clearing.

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