Kenda Dual Sport K270

    Ranking: #3 Dual Sport Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    The K270 Dual Sport is great for replacing your OE trail tire. It provides the perfect balance between a smooth ride on the road and great traction on the trails. DOT approved (50% dirt / 50% road). Perfect upgrade for OEM dual sport tires.


    • Works well in hard pack
    • Easy to install

    • Loud/squirmy on the road

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Kenda Dual Sport K270 tire receives slightly above average reviews. The tire was rated below average on the Thumpertalk site. Some of the comments include: front was squirmy, losing every other knob after 300 highway miles, on the street were loud and squirmy. Other sites were more positive. Works well in hard pack, long lasting, good price, easy to install. One rider likes the Kenda Dual Sport K270 over the Pirelli Rallycross-felt more confident with the Kenda.

    Reviews by Source

    14 reviews. 71% average. On a KLX250S – like them for trail riding, good on hard pack, not good on soft, muddy or wet. On a XR650L and DR250 – relatively easy to mount, front lasts 2,000 + miles, work well for drifting around corners. Another says the tires are standing up well to street, trail, gravel and track, not meant for mud but handles just fine in moderate dirt and roots. On a DR650 – wrecked three times in 300 miles with the front, front was squirmy and would lose traction suddenly, likes the rear over the front. On a 650L – after 300 highway miles rear is losing every other knob. On a KLR650 – little noisy, average traction on street and dirt. On a DR650 – low speeds in soft terrain worked good, on the street were out of round, loud, squirmy. Another says the tires are not ideal for soft terrain but acceptable, don’t plan on doing hill climbs or dune running. Rear Tire

    35 reviews. 4.5 of 5 stars. On a F800GS – good all around traction in sand and mud, great on hard pack, loud on pavement. On a 2004 DRZ400s – got 5,500 miles, does well on and off road, price was cheap. On a DR650 – rubber is good particularly on rock. Another says crossed Siberia to Norway, got 10,000 miles. On a KLR 250 – best in dirt and rocks, rear wider than stock. On a DR650SE – great 50/50 tire, tire slightly noisy, great cheap tire, lasting longer than Dunlop 606. On a KLR650 – tire wearing like iron, had it on class IV roads, single track, mud, rocks, back roads, gravel, best value in on/off road tire. Front Tire

    14 reviews. 4.6 of 5 stars. On a KLR650 – bought tire to replace Pirelli Rallycross 20/80 tire (20% street), already have more confidence on the road. On a XR650L – rode 2,700 miles in Alaska, Dunlops wore out, Kendas looked great. On a Suzuki dual sport – excellent traction on dirt and dry pavement, not built for sand, sidewalls somewhat soft to easy to install. On a XT600 – use bike as a commuter, expect to get 5,000 miles. On a XR650L – a bit wobbly above 25 pounds at freeway speeds, run at 22 pounds and keep it under 65 MPH, great tracking in mud, dirt, sand at 15 pounds.

    60 reviews. 4.6 of 5 stars. On a Kawasaki KLX250 and Honda XR250 – good compromise tire for 60% road/40% dirt. On a KTM525 – tires easy to mount, traction is good on snow, ice, mud and wet, provide a consistent feel of the terrain. Another says good on gravel and road, got 5,000 miles. On a DRZ 400SM – smooth on the road and hooks up in the dirt, easy to install, price is very good. Another says the tire is quiet on the highway, handled well on hard pack and gravel. On a DR650 – only tire of 4 tried that hooks up on street and dirt. On a WR250X – handles well in sand and mud in Florida, best road feel of any tire tried so far. On a KLR650 – got 6,500 miles, handles well in twisties, dirt and gravel.

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