Dunlop USA NTEC KR448/KR449

    Ranking: #4 Supermoto Race Tire, #5 Sportbike Race Tire

    Dunlop USA NTEC KR448 KR449 Dunlop USA NTEC KR448/KR449

    Tire/Tyre Description

    Proven quality and performance. Triple tread: super grip on the sides, cool running center. Zero growth: no need for major ride height changes. Low pressure for maximum contact patch.



    • Price¬†


    • Relatively low tire life

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Dunlop USA NTEC KR448/KR449 slick is a solid tire. The general consensus is that the UK NTEC KR106/KR108 is a superior tire. Some complained of the relatively low tire life compared to the competition.

    Reviews by Source

    Ran KR449 one second faster than previous personal best which was set on a D211 GP UK DOT.

    One rider rated the Dunlop slicks the best, then Power Cup DOT and Pirelli Supercorsa SC tires, Power Pure and Power Ones lower with Pilot Power 2CT last.

    One rider feels the Pirelli provides more feedback compared to Dunlop, mainly due to Dunlop hard carcass design. Another rider says the Dunlop slicks felt easier to turn in that Dunlop Q2 and Pirelli Superbike Pro. Drive out of corner they stick very well. More sensitive to tire pressure compared to any tire had run previously. Another rider runs UK NTEC front (medium) and US NTEC rear (medium +).

    Michelin Power Cup turn-in similar to UK NTEC and far better wear than US NTEC.