Dunlop Qualifier

    Ranking: #30 Sportbike Street Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    The Qualifier offers true racetrack-level grip and performance for the street. Rear-tire compound blends three race-developed polymers to maximize grip and warm up quickly in the wet or the dry. Race-derived front-tire profile promotes quicker turn-in and lighter steering while also contributing to a larger footprint at maximum lean angles. Advanced belt design and Jointless Band (JLB) rear-tire construction reduce unsprung weight for quicker acceleration and enhanced steering characteristics.


    • Good traction and cornering
    • No vibration or problems at top speed


    • Many don’t like the mileage
    • May slip when pushed

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Dunlop Qualifier does not last as long as some other tires. Riders like the stick, but some complain that when cold the tires will slip.

    Reviews by Source Rear Tire

    17 reviews. 3.7 of 5 stars. On a Z1000 – great tire for traction and cornering, complained of only lasting 5,600 miles. On a CBR 600 – can’t beat the grip at any angle and condition, only got 3,000 miles. Front Tire

    37 reviews. 4.6 of 5 stars. On a YZF R6 – best tire for the bike, tire is made for cornering. Another says can get 10,000 miles. Rear Tire

    37 reviews. 4 of 5 stars. On a CBR 600RR – got 2,600 miles. On a Sprint – best tire as compared to OEM Bridgestones and Michelins, very planted and consistent feel, get 6-8,000 miles from a set. Another says it takes some time to get the tires up to temp, may slip when pushed. Another says tires held up well, can take corners just as fast as you can, had back tire break free during hard acceleration in the rain, once in the cold. On a CBR1000RR – use it at the drag strip and no problems launching off the line, no vibrations or problems at top speed, get 4,000 miles from the tire.

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