Dunlop Elite 3

    Ranking: #2 Cruiser Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    These radial touring tires deliver great mileage and handling for most big radial-shod touring motorcycles. Wear resistance is substantially improved with more even-wear characteristics providing increased mileage plus great traction. The E3 tread pattern provides class-leading wet-pavement performance, even through large puddles of standing water. The E3′s sport-derived profile provides a lively response in turn transitions and a solid feel through turns for confident cornering. Weight rating of the E3 rear tire for the Honda GL1800 has increased to 992 pounds. The extra-wide E3 rear tires incorporate all the high-tech features of the regular radial E3 lineup to produce all the same benefits-it’s the tire for show and go. Includes extra-wide custom sizes of 240/40R18 and 250/40R18, with good looks plus great handling and performance for custom motorcycles. Custom wide Elite 3 tires are original equipment on several Harley-Davidson models and the Victory Hammer. To complement the rear tire, custom-style 21-inch front tires are also available in 120/70R21 and 90/90-21 sizes for custom applications.


    • Smooth, quiet ride
    • Rides well on wet or dry

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    Consistently good reviews for this tire. Tire is smooth, quiet, soft ride, does not follow road grooves. Big improvement over Dunlop Harley Davidson OEM tires. Works well for larger bikes like Harley Davidson and Honda Goldwing. Another reports handling better than Dunlop 402′s.

    Reviews by Source Front Tire

    84 reviews, 4.7 of 5 stars. On a 2006 Honda Goldwing – went 17,500 miles and use a trailer. On a 1998 Ultra – smooth, quiet, much softer ride than previous tires, does not follow road grooves or tar snakes. On a M109R – rode well on gravel roads, thunderstorms, interstates, rural highways. On a 2003 VTX1800C – stable, corners well, dry and wet handling is solid. On a 1800 VTX F – very good on wet roads, gravel back roads, highway speeds, wear, have 12,000 miles on them so far. On a Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider – big improvement over Dunlop Harley Davidson OEM tires, smoother ride, easier cornering, less vibration, wet traction so good no longer worry about rain. Rear Tire

    185 reviews, 4.7 of 5 stars. On a GL1500 Goldwing – on current set logged 10,000 miles and have 50% tread left, handling is outstanding on large bike. On a Honda GL1800 – ride Goldwing for work, have used every tire available for the bike and Elite is by far the best, with bike leaned to the pegs, even in cold/wet conditions, they provide excellent traction. On a 1600 Nomad – tire was quick to break in, quiet, very good stability in wet and dry. On an ElectraGlide – handling much better than stock Dunlop 402′s, handling is similar to ME880s. On a 2003 Road King – on twisty mountain riding, stability and cornering and dry traction are fantastic.

    Rear. 1 review. 10 of 10 stars. On a Voyager XII – great tires, best of three different tires. Front. 1 review. 10 of 10 stars. On a Voyager XII – great tires, best of three different tires.

    53 reviews, 4.8 of 5 stars. On a Valkyrie – lasted more than 20,000 miles, have great wear and traction, even in the rain, would not hesitate to buy these tires. On a Road Star – been riding motorcycles for 25 years, best tire has ever used, improved cornering and handling inspire confidence, riding in rain or wet is not an issue.

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