Dunlop D952

    Ranking: #4 Dirt Bike Motocross Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    The Dunlop D952 is a value-priced off-road tire designed to deliver good grip and excellent durability in a wide variety of terrain and conditions. The D952 boasts high-durability construction for long wear and great traction. Patterned after the popular D752 motocross tire, with a modified knob structure-resized knobs that also feature an increased radius at the base to make them more durable.


    • Hook up well
    • Last a long time
    • Affordable


    • Initially quick wear, and then stabilizes

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Dunlop D952 hooks up well, lasts a long time and are very affordable. The D952 handles the loose stuff well. One rider likes the D952 over the Dunlop D756, Maxxis IT, and Michelin S12. The tires value, cost and durability, are praised by many. Fewer reports of chunking compared to most, perhaps due to tire stiffness.

    Reviews by Source Rear Tire

    21 reviews, 4.7 of 5 stars. One rider reports have swapped a few rear tires, this is the best so far, very controllable and predictable on all surfaces, did an outstanding job on the rocks. Another reports the tire does well in soft dirt, loose rocks, gravel, pavement, excellent tire for the price. On a CRF 450 R – been using the tire for four years, get 40-50 hours per set, ride mostly hill climbs and rocks, will be purchasing this tire for the rest of dirt bike life. Another says the tire has great drive in a straight line, predictable when it brakes loose, perfect two stroke tire, better than expected in rocks and roots, loose stuff is where it really shines. On a XR650R – hooks up really well in loose decomposing granite, sandy terrain, hooks up until end of the knobs life, handles pavement OK (slight buzz). Front Tire

    4 reviews, 4.9 of 5 stars. One rider reports they hook up well, last a long time and are very affordable. Another reports switching to the Dunlop MX51, felt MX51 worked better in all types of terrain, 952 better if spend a lot of time on the highway or plain gravel roads because of more knobs.

    A variety of people report that the tire wears somewhat quickly initially, and then stabalizes. Good discussion between the D952 and Maxxis IT. On a DRZ400 – get good wear from them, around 1,000 miles before they start looking bad. On a 426 – ride in the desert, lots of rock, decomposed granite, get 60-80 hours out of them, hardest on the tire is solid rock climbs.

    One rider reports they tried the Dunlop D756, Maxxis IT, Michelin 5-12 and Dunlop D952 and they like the D952 the best. The 756 and S-12 hooked up but didn’t last. Maxxis IT wore well but was squirrelly. The D952 hooks up well, wears well and has a reasonable price.

    83 reviews. 4.2 of 5 stars. On a YZ450 – ride desert and track, grip as well as any other tire, continue to buy because they last longer than other tires. On a KTM 525 – rode mostly dirt trails/roads with some pavement, tire held up well with no broken or cracked knobs, 1600 miles in 6 days. Another reports riding 70+mph and chunked half the tread in the desert. Another reports running the Dunlop D952 for years, switched to a Maxxis IT but felt the loss of traction was profound. Another says the tire is a bit stiff for serious motocross, but one of the best tires for the money if used for all-purpopse riding.

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