Dunlop D616

    Dunlop D6161 Dunlop D616

    Tire/Tyre Description

    A sport radial for the street with both looks and performance to run anywhere. Innovative and aggressive tread pattern derived from wet-track road-racing tread design. Cool-running tread with superior grip characteristics also provides excellent cut- and wear-resistance. Dunlop technology derived from racing for enhanced cornering and wear, excellent high-speed stability and exceptional tire compliance.



    • Wet handling is exceptional¬†


    • Warm-up somewhat longer than other tires

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    A number of reviewers mentioned that the wet handling is exceptional. The front tire is rated higher than the rear. Warm-up is somewhat longer given chunky tire pattern. D616 better in dirt and wet, Pirelli Scorpion Sync better for street or all-around tire.

    Reviews by Source Front Tire

    11 reviews, 4.7 of 5 stars. One reviewer says great feedback, grips very well in dry, probably best tire in wet. On a 2007 Guzzi Griso – been riding for years and this is the most confidence inspiring tire. Another says the tire does well in the dirt, and on the road, wet or dry. Rear Tire

    34 reviews, 4.4 of 5 stars. One reviewer reports on average of 9,000 miles. On a Buell Ulysses – averaging 5,500 miles, corners well and stable at speed, even does a good job on gravel. On a Buelly Ulysses – tire grips well despite chunky pattern, carcass is thick so takes a while to warm-up, excellent traction in wet, getting about 5,300 on the rear. On a Ducati ST3 – best bargain sports tire over Metzeler M3 and M1, like price to performance ratio.

    Comparison of D616 vs Scorpion Sync. Dunlop D616 corner handling feels skittish and the tire seems to wander. One test rider really did not like the handling. Tire provided ample feedback, almost too much. Felt it took the tires longer than average to come up to temperature. Tested two sets, one rear done at 3,000 and the other at 3,400 miles. Wet handling was best of any tire ever ridden by one tester. Decent dirt tire and better than Pirelli. D616 better in dirt and wet, Pirelli better for street or all-around tire. Rear Tire

    3 reviews. 4.5 of 5 stars. On a Ulysses – nice tread pattern, secure feel, long wearing. On a Buell Firebolt – says very good tire, warms up fast, tread goes across the whole tire is a plus, some tracking on grooved roads. On a Buell Ulysses – good mileage, good street grip, rear wears much more quickly than the front, above 70 mph the front gets a little loose, got 10,000 miles. Front Tire

    2 reviews. 5 of 5 stars. On a 636 – looks great. Another says aggressive tread pattern, excellent wear, somewhat noisy due to tread pattern, good tire value.