Dunlop D404

    dunlop d404 Dunlop D404

    Tire/Tyre Description An all-around good-performing tire available in many sizes to fit a wide variety of standard, cruiser and older bikes.

    • Tread compound helps deliver impressive balance of mileage and grip.
    • Front and rear tread patterns enhance water evacuation and wet grip.
    • Bias-ply construction helps deliver a smooth ride for enhanced comfort.
    • Offset center groove for enhanced straight-line stability.
    • Dunlop performance in a great value package.
    • The D404 is not meant to be used on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.


    • Solid handling 



    • Tire life lower than average


    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    Reviews are lower than average for the Dunlop D404.  This is not one of the recommended tires. 


    Reviews by Source


    373 reviews, 4.6 of 5 stars.  On a 1983 Honda Magna, has 12,000 miles and still going strong, handles well in rain, plan to buy another pair.  Another got 12,000 miles, switched to BT-45 for more grip, didn’t like the handling and grip, felt the compound was too hard.  Another has had 3 sets, cupping as the tire starts to wear, get 8,000 miles where other tires get 14,000 miles.  Another got just 4,000 miles.  Another prefers the Pirelli MT66 over the D404.  On a 2009 Vulcan 900 Custom, got 6,200 miles will gentle use on light bike.

    Motorcycle Superstore

    532 reviews, 4.49 of 5 stars.  On a 2003 Nomad, got 3,000 miles.  Another rides a 2000 VT 750 CD and gets 11 to 12,000 miles.  On a VTX1300C – got 6,700 miles and worst of tires used, love ride, grip and handling so plans to purchase again.


    30 reviews, On a Yamaha V Star 1100 Silverado, tire tracks well, inspires confidence in dry and wet, prefers over Metzeler Marathon.  On a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard, got 11,000 miles.


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