Dunlop D211 GP-A

    Rankings: #3 Sportbike Track Tire, #6 Sportbike Race Tire, #6 Supermoto Race Tire

    Dunlop D211 GP A Dunlop D211 GP A

    Tire/Tyre Description

    Developed and manufactured in the USA, this Supersport tire for racers and sportbike riders has been adopted as the Spec Tire for AMA racing. MT Multi-TreadTM compounds give the Sportmax D211 GP-A rear tire enhanced grip, excellent drive out of corners and superior on-track handling. Multi-Tread rear tires are available in soft/medium and medium/hard combinations to match track conditions. Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) technology in the rear tire intuitively allows greater latitude in line choice while cornering and provides amazingly linear steering at various lean angles. Jointless Band (JLB) rear-tire construction reduces tire growth for cooler running and enhanced grip. A sport radial for the street with both looks and performance to run anywhere. Innovative and aggressive tread pattern derived from wet-track road-racing tread design. Cool-running tread with superior grip characteristics also provides excellent cut- and wear-resistance. Dunlop technology derived from racing for enhanced cornering and wear, excellent high-speed stability and exceptional tire compliance.


    • Track performance is solid, within .5 seconds of D211 GP UK N-Tec


    • Not as good as the D211 GP UK N-Tec

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    Generally positive reviews of the Dunlop D211 GP-A. The tire’s performance is in between the Q2 and D211 GP UK N-Tec. The D211 GP-A is recommended for the beginner/intermediate group. Rear tire edge grip degraded quicker than expected in one test.

    Reviews by Source

    Outright grip was excellent when the tires were fresh. Rear tire-edge grip degraded quicker than expected. Front offered consistent levels of grip. If you are looking for a rigid-feeling tire then this might be one to try. Durability and suspension setup is not the best/easiest.

    Q2 is a good combo street and track tire. D211 GP-A is a great all around track tire. D211 GP UK N-Tec is more expensive than the D211 GP-A. Estimate the D211 GP UK N-Tec is about .5 seconds faster and lasts longer than the D211 GP-A. So, the additional cost may be offset by additional tire life. Should try both on your bike to determine which is best. N-Tec Slicks should last longer and grip better than the other Dunlop tires. For beginner group stick with D211 GP-A.

    Likes Michelin Power Cup better than UK NTEC or US GP-A. Says the front is the best tire he has been on. Very stable when braking hard, mid-corner. Another says they prefer the Michelin Power Cup over the Pirelli Diablo Superbike Pro slicks.