Dunlop D211 GP UK

    Ranking: #5 Supermoto Race Tire, #7 Sportbike Race Tire

    Michelin Pilot Power 3 Dunlop D211 GP UK

    Tire/Tyre Description

    Proven quality and performance, Made in England. Dominated every AMA Supersport Race and Championship for 4 years prior to the spec tires introduction.

    • multi tread; super grip on the sides, cool running center
    • zero growth; no need for major ride height changes
    • low pressure; for maximum contact patch


    • Launches well out of corners


    • Expensive
    • Average handling as compared to competitors

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The D211 GP is the UK DOT NTEC version. It is slower than either the UK KR106/KR108 or US KR448/KR449 slick.

    Reviews by Source

    Set a lap time of 1:36.92 on D211 GP UK and 1:35.84 on Dunlop KR449.

    Reviews from 2008. One rider feels best tire, AMA teams were running, launches out of corners. Another reviewer in 2011 – went from running 1:05 to 1:02 at Talladega.

    Q2 is a good combo street and track tire. D211 GP-A is a great all around track tire. D211 GP UK N-Tec is more expensive than the D211 GP-A. Estimate the D211 GP UK N-Tec is about .5 seconds faster and lasts longer than the D211 GP-A. So, the additional cost may be offset by additional tire life. Should try both on your bike to determine which is best. N-Tec Slicks should last longer and grip better than the other Dunlop tires. For beginner group stick with D211 GP-A.

    Likes Michelin Power Cup better than UK NTEC or US GP-A. Says the front is the best tire he has been on. Very stable when braking hard, mid-corner. Another says they prefer the Michelin Power Cup over the Pirelli Diablo Superbike Pro slicks.