Drag Race Motorcycle Tire Ranking

    This is a collection of motorcycle drag race tires pulled from various sources. At this point it comes down to Mickey Thompson MCR2 and Michelin Power One as the top performing tires. Use the Mickey Thompson for outright performance at the expense of tire life. Use the Michelin Power One for a solid performer with greater tire life. The Shinko 008, Hook Up and Shinko 003 u-soft are the top budget oriented options.
    drag race Drag Race

    # 1 Mickey Thompson MCR2

    The Mickey Thompson MCR2 is the top rated drag tire. It is consistenly rated tops when price is not a concern. There are some complaints of tire life with the tire, so it is generally a more expensive tire that does not last as long. It is consistenly the top performing tire. If you want a longer lasting tire use the Michelin Power One, if you want a tire that hooks the best in all conditions and is a little more forgiving use the Mickey Thompson MCR2.

    # 2 Michelin Power One

    The Power One has better traction and less weight than the Shinko 003 Ultra Soft. Lasts twice as long as Mickey Thompson MCR/2 tire. If the track is cold or overheated and greasy the tire performs less than the Mickey Thompson MCR2. If the track is good the Power One, as it grows, leaves a smaller footprint than the MCR2, seeming to give more MPH. The Mickey Thompson was described as more forgiving of track conditions than the Michelin Power One. One rider recommends the Michelin Power One over the Shinko because: 1) it requires short burnout which makes it last longer than Shinko, 2) allows you to run higher air pressure thus better ET and MPH, 3) Michelin lighter in weight. buy now Drag Race

    # 3 Shinko 008

    One rider likes the 008 over the Hook Up. Another switched from Hook Up to 008 on two different bikes. The 008 works better. buy now Drag Race

    # 4 Shinko Hookup

    There are multiple riders with positive reviews. While the Shinko Hook Up does not perform quite as well as the Mickey Thompson MCR2 or the Michelin Power One, it is still a capable tire that lasts a long time. buy now Drag Race

    # 5 Shinko 003 U-Soft

    The Shinko 003 U-Soft is rated very close to the Shinko Hook Up. Note that you need to purchase the Ultra Soft version of the Shinko 003 Stealth to get the drag oriented tire. buy now Drag Race

    # 6 Continental ContiRaceAttack

    on a modified 2006 Kawasaki ZX-14 – run at drag strip and Bonneville Salt Flats, tires wear well and hold onto the road. buy now Drag Race

    # 7 Shinko 005

    On a GSXR and XB12 – wear fast but provide great traction. One reviewer does not recommend the tire for drag racing. buy now Drag Race

    # 8 Shinko 009 Raven

    Used on a Hayabusa and tire never let him down, used for drag racing as well as all around tire. buy now Drag Race

    # 9 Dunlop Qualifier

    On a CBR 1000RR – no problems launching off the line, no vibrations or problems at top speed. buy now Drag Race

    # 10 Avon Cobra

    On a Victory Hammer – great in wet weather. buy now Drag Race