Dirt Bike - Sand Motorcycle Tire Ranking

    Overall there simply aren’t that many reviews of sand tires. The rankings are based on few reviews, so you might be better off reading the detailed reviews by tire. That being said, the Michelin Starcross Sand 4 had significantly better reviews than other sand tires.
    dirt bike sand Dirt Bike   Sand

    #1 Michelin Starcross Sand 4

    The Michelin Starcross Sand 4 is a purpose-made tire for sand. If your riding is in sand dunes or sandy terrain then this is a recommended tire. The Sand 4 is preferred over the Pirelli Scorpion. No reports of lugs breaking off or chunking. OK for occasional spots of hard pack. Rated significantly better than other sand tires. buy now Dirt Bike   Sand

    # 2 Shinko 540

    The Shinko 540 has primarily positive reviews. Reviewers praise the value and durability. The front tire is rated significantly higher than the rear. One had the rear lose knobs off the center. Another had knob loss on the front. buy now Dirt Bike   Sand

    # 3 Kenda K782 Sand Mad

    The Kenda Sand Mad K782 has few reviews. One review gave the tire 5 of 5 stars, while another site had 3.6 of 5 stars. Praised for handling in sloppy conditions. Complaint from one person of knobs coming off. buy now Dirt Bike   Sand

    # 4 Kenda K780 Southwick II

    The Kenda Southwick II K780 has few reviews. Consistent comments that the old version of the Southwick was superior. buy now Dirt Bike   Sand