Dirt Bike - Motocross Motorcycle Tire Ranking

    Below are reviews of motocross tires. For whatever reason, none of the motocross tires were very highly rated. Unless you specifically need a motocross tire you might be better off trying another category of dirt bike tires.
    dirt bike motocross Dirt Bike   Motocross

    #1 Kenda K775 Washougal

    The Kenda Washougal K775 is rated above average compared to its peers. None of the motocross tires are especially highly rated. the Kenda K775 is recommended for soft/intermediate terrain. Fairly consistent positive reviews for use in sloppy conditions, tire has good side knobs that aid in getting through the slop. Some reports of chunking. buy now Dirt Bike   Motocross

    # 2 Michelin Starcross MS3

    The Michelin Starcross MS3 is a highly rated tire. The tire handles well in sand, mud and soft soil. The Starcross MS3 seems to chunk less than some tires. One rider feels the MH3 hooks up better than the MS3. Another who is a pro motocross rider says the tire gives the best traction and still has good durability, outlasts the competition by 4-5 times the life. buy now Dirt Bike   Motocross

    # 3 Michelin Starcross MH3

    The Michelin Starcross MH3 is a highly rated tire. The tire sheds mud, is long lasting, and has good grip. One rider reported the MH3 outlasts Dunlop 756 4 to 1, Bridgestone 404 2 to 1. Multiple people say this tire can truly ride in all conditions, even sand, snow and ice. Mixed reports on whether the tire is difficult to mount, and some reports of chunking. buy now Dirt Bike   Motocross

    # 4 Dunlop D952

    The Dunlop D952 hooks up well, lasts a long time and are very affordable. The D952 handles the loose stuff well. One rider likes the D952 over the Dunlop D756, Maxxis IT, and Michelin S12. The tires value, cost and durability, are praised by many. Fewer reports of chunking compared to most, perhaps due to tire stiffness. buy now Dirt Bike   Motocross

    # 5 Dunlop D745

    A number of riders have ridden the Dunlop D745 in the desert and like it. A number of riders said it is their favorite front tire. Hooks with amazing bite and feedback. May not be the best for harescrambles. Great grip without any surprises. buy now Dirt Bike   Motocross

    # 6 Kenda K780 Southwick II

    The Kenda Southwick II K780 has few reviews. Consistent comments that the old version of the Southwick was superior. buy now Dirt Bike   Motocross