Cruiser Motorcycle Tire Ranking

    The cruiser category of tires has some very solid options. The rankings below are more based on overall performance and handling rather than mileage.
    cruiser Cruiser

    # 1 Michelin Commander 2

    The Michelin Commander 2 is one of the highest rated cruiser tires. Many riders who have been riding for a while say this is the best tire they have used. Riders prefer the Commander 2 over the Avon Venoms. The Metzeler 880 is also one of the highest rated cruiser tires and multiple riders say the Commander 2 matches up very well. buy now Cruiser

    # 2 Dunop Elite 3

    The Dunlop Elite 3 receives consistently good reviews. The Dunlop Elite provides a smooth, quiet, soft ride, and does not follow road grooves. Riders say the Dunlop Elite is a big improvement over Dunlop Harley Davidson OEM tires. The tire works well for larger bikes like Harley Davidson and Honda Goldwing. Another reports handling better than Dunlop 402′s. buy now Cruiser

    # 3 Avon Venom

    The Avon Venom was rated tops on multiple sites. Traction, quick response and cornering were praised. A number of people said this is the best tire they have ever used. Some report sidewall cracking and that turn-in is not as quick as some. The majority of the reviews were 4.8 of 5 stars, with one site rating 3.9 of 5 stars. buy now Cruiser

    # 4 Avon Cobra

    The Avon Cobra provides great handling, low noise, good wet weather traction. Mileage varies between 10,000-20,000 miles. The front tire is rated quite a bit higher than the rear. The Avon Cobra seems to work well on larger bikes, so if you ride a heavier bike then the Avon Cobra might be worth a try. buy now Cruiser

    # 5 Metzeler Z6

    The Metzeler Roadtec Z6 is considered to be less long-lasting compared to the Metzeler ME 880, but provides better traction. The Metzeler Roadtec Z6 has generally positive reviews of the tire regarding wet and dry handling. There is a consistent complaint about not having wear bars. Some have reported they have been stranded because they did not know the tires needed replacing. buy now Cruiser

    # 6 Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra

    The Metzeler ME 888 is rated similarly to the ME 880 it replaces.  Generally positive reviews as a cruiser tire.  Better than stock Harley Davidson Dunlop tires.  Consistent complaints that wet handling is not the best. buy now Cruiser

    # 7 Kenda 673 Kruz

    The Kenda Kruz K673 receives slightly above average reviews. The Kenda Kruz is praised for its long life, wet/dry handling and ability to provide a smooth ride over cracks and bumps on the highway. The only major complaint is the tire is more slippery than most tires for the first 100 miles or so. buy now Cruiser

    # 8 Shinko 712

    The Shino 712 rear is recommended over the front. A number of reviewers who praised the rear specifically mentioned that the front seemed to follow road grooves. A number of people said it was difficult to balance. Outside of that riders generally praise the Shinko 712, expecially for the price. The ride is smooth, handles well, and generally lasts longer than comparable tires. buy now Cruiser

    # 9 Shinko 777

    The Shinko 777 gets mixed reviews. The tire seems to handle well, but at a lower tread life as compared to other tires like the Dunlop 404. As compared to stock Bridgestones the Shinko 777 is rated better. Many praise the price, some saying the tires cost half of the competition. A number of riders said it took some work to get the tire balanced, while others did not report this problem. buy now Cruiser

    # 10 Dunlop D402

    Generally positive reviews of the Dunlop D402. Tire life and overall stability is praised. Many of the reviewers seem to have tire life as a priority, and that is the main reason they chose the Dunlop D402. So if you are looking for a longer-lasting tire the Dunlop D402 might be one to try. There was one report of the sidewall splitting. buy now Cruiser

    # 11 Shinko 230

    The Shinko 230 is praised for its low cost and dry grip. Some reported that the tire slipped in the rain and followed rain grooves. One Harley rider did not think the tire was suited for larger bikes. If your priority is spending as little as possible on tires then you should check out the Shinko 230. buy now Cruiser

    # 12 Kenda K671 Cruiser

    The Kenda K671 Cruiser received slightly below average reviews. Mileage was generally praised compared to the competition. One rider says they prefer this tire over the Elite 3 which is another highly rated tire, primarily because of mileage. buy now Cruiser

    # 13 Kenda K657 Challenger

    The Kenda K657 Challenger rear received relatively low scores. The main complaint seems to be tread life and wet handling. Other than that the tires seemed to handle well. Riders tended to be on mid-sized cc bikes. buy now Cruiser

    # 14 Continental Milestone CM1 CM2

    The Continental Milestone CM1-CM2 is a cruiser oriented tire. Reviews for the front tire were somewhat low. Rear tire rain grooves very large, turn in and cornering is neutral. buy now Cruiser

    # 15 Michelin Scorcher 31

    The Michelin Scorcher 31 does not have many reviews at this time. Some complain of a buzz from the tires at low speeds. The tires handle well and don’t wobble on rain grooves.

    # 16 Michelin Scorcher 11

    The Michelin Scorcher 11 does not have many reviews at this time. The tire was developed specifically to enhance handling of the Harley Davidson SuperLow by reducing mass and inertia front and rear. Some felt other tires were a better choice, either a better value or better handling characteristics.

    # 17 Dunlop D407

    There are a number of reports of noise from the front Dunlop D407 tire. The recommendation is to switch to the D408F front. One rider reported cupping on the rear.

    # 18 Metzeler ME77

    The Metzeler ME 77 front is rated more highly than the rear. The front provides cornering stability, with lower marks for wet handling. In the wet/cold the tire took a long time to heat up, and generally did not perform in the cold and wet. buy now Cruiser

    # 19 Dunlop D408

    A number of reports of sidewall cracks on D408F tires. Fairly consistent recommendations to not use the tires.