Continental Road Attack 2

    Ranking: #19 Sport Touring Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    The Continental Road Attack 2 has revolutionary new-to-the-market technologies to realize Continental’s new level of grip, safety and dynamics in the radial sport touring segment. Traction Skin, the revolutionary micro-roughness of the tread optimizes the mechanical adhesion and realizes the safest, fastest running-in time in the market. Continuous Compound-Technology improves mileage by wear resistant zenith area and safety in curves by higher grip in shoulder area. Dynamic-Ride-Technology improves handling and control of your bike by using patented steel cord construction and a unique contour. Black Chili Compound for quick warm up, short braking distance and excellent grip on wet and dry roads.


    • Traction skin helps with initial break-in
    • Tire sticks well
    • Warms up quickly


    • Offers reasonable feel through the corners

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    There aren’t currently many reviews for the Continental Road Attack 2. The rear is rated significantly better than the front. If it weren’t for the front tire reviews the Continental Road Attack 2 would be rated higher. This tire uses a somewhat new technology called traction skin which provides stick almost immediately and reduces break-in time. Reviewers agreed there was a noticeable, positive difference in break-in time.

    Reviews by Source Rear

    4 reviews. 4.8 of 5 stars. One reports no break-in, great feel, awesome grip. Another reports they don’t like the rear, tried 37 and 41 PSI, cornering feels very loose. Another reports the tires take the curves well, awesome grip. Front

    2 reviews. 4.2 of 5 stars. On an XR1200 – tire plants well in abrupt maneuvers, break-in time is almost non existent.

    Test done at Contidrome Proving Grounds. Tested on Kawasaki Versys, Honda VFR1200F, BMW R 1200 RT. Traction skin provided grip right away. Tires warmed up quickly. Wet handling was solid.

    Tested on 1999 Honda CBR600F4, BMW K 1300S, Triumph Street Triple, Honda VFR 1200F and Triumph ST Sprint. Traction skin worked well during initial tire use. Got good grip. Offered reasonable feel through the corners.

    On GSX1400, 2,000km ride report, sharper tire profile lets bike tip in quicker, but also contributes to wander on the road.

    Felt that the traction skin helped with initial tire handling, more on the sporting side of sport/touring.

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