Continental Milestone CM1 CM2

    Ranking: #14 Cruiser Tire

    Continental Milestone CM1 CM2 Continental Milestone CM1 CM2buy now Continental Milestone CM1 CM2

    Tire/Tyre Description

    The Continental Milestone CM1-CM2 is a modern custom tire, developed for cruisers and heavy-weight tourers. Silicone compound technology guarantees good grip in the wet, but still providing high mileage. Breaker construction delivers an evenly distributed ground pressure. High mileage through high-resistant contact patch compound and deep tread.


    • Rear tire has large rain grooves
    • Turn in and cornering is neutral

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Continental Milestone CM1-CM2 is a cruiser oriented tire. Reviews for the front tire were somewhat low. Rear tire rain grooves very large, turn in and cornering is neutral.

    Reviews by Source

    On a 2004 Shadow Spirit – Rear tire’s rain grooves are very large. Turn-in and cornering is neutral, ride is smooth and relatively quiet. Rear Tire

    5 reviews. 4.2 of 5 stars. On a Kawasaki Vulcan Classic – keep you in the lean until you want to come out. Another reports getting about 6,000 miles from the tire pulling a trailer. On a 650 V-Star – bike rides stable, wet and dry traction is good. Front Tire

    3 reviews. 4.3 of 5 stars. On a Kawasaki Vulcan – when you lean in they keep you there until you lean out, great tire.

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