Continental ContiSportAttack 2

    Ranking: #1 Sportbike Street Tire, #11 Sportbike Track Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    Extraordinary light and precise handling with outstanding grip and curve stability. Exceptional control of riding performance and optimal feedback at the limit range. Special construction on the front and rear wheel for higher stability and feedback when braking into and accelerating out of curves. Good cold grip and quick tire warm-up through a newly developed Black Chili tread compound, specially designed for performance oriented riders.



    • ¬†Mileage


    • Wet handling

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Continental ContiSportAttack 2 is more of a street tire than a track tire. It provides greater mileage compared to its peer group, ranking first in one formal test. One of the main complaints is wet handling.

    Reviews by Source

    3 reviews. 5 of 5 stars. On a GSXR 750 – grip and handling better than Michelin Pilot Power, turn-in quicker, in 40 degree weather the grip was compromised. On a S1000RR – liked the SportAttack 2 over Pirelli Super Corsa SP. On a 919 – awesome grip right from the start.

    One reviewer says drop in is aggressive, taken tires to the edges very quickly, at slow speeds bike does not seem as stable, can’t get the rear to spin coming out of corners so grip is good, feels the tires are as good or better than 2CTs. Tested on various liter bikes at Contidrom proving grounds near Hannover Germany. Test includes dry and wet sections. Tire provided quick warm-up, and knee dragging confidence from first lap, each bike tracked well.

    Tested at Contidrom proving grounds near Hannover Germany. Test includes dry and wet sections. On a Kawasaki ZX-6R – tire came up to temp almost immediately, within a few corners was able to get a knee down comfortably. Provides adequate grip and decent feedback, turn-in and handling through chicane required some effort, plenty of grip on braking. Grip levels remained impressive through multiple laps. When the tire started to wear slides were prevalent, with some forwarning, and were smooth and controllable. Performance on wet mirrored performance on dry. Straignt line stability was superb, bump absorbtion was OK, overall ride quality was sufficient.

    Motorrad Tire test

    In a 2012 Motorrad sport bike tire test for road use tires. Tested in Spain on a Suzuki GSX-R 600. Overall results: 1-Bridgestone S20, 2-Continental Sport Attack 2, 3-Michelin Power Pure, 4-Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2, 5-Dunlop Sportsmart (US Q2), 6-Metzeler M5 Interact.

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