Continental ContiRaceAttack Street

    Ranking: #15 Sportbike Street Tire

    Continental ContiRaceAttack Street Continental ContiRaceAttack Streetbuy now Continental ContiRaceAttack Street

    Tire/Tyre Description

    The Continental ContiRaceAttack Street tire provides precise handling with an increased footprint at extreme lean angles for more grip in corners thanks to a grip enhancing front tire profile. 0°-steel belt construction on the front and rear for higher stability and feedback when braking and accelerating out of corners. Innovative tread pattern adapted from the Attack-family with a progressive growing slick area in the shoulder for more control and grip. Continuous Compound-Technology: Makes it possible to use an homogeneous grip grading with a single compound thanks to a temperature controlled curing of the tire during the production process.



    • Solid in sweepers
    • Drive off corners fast 


    • Front felt heavy at slow speeds

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Continental ContiRaceAttack Street tire handles similarly to the Bridgestone BT 016. Front felt heavy and provided average braking grip as compared to the BT 016 and 2CT.

    Reviews by Source

    4 reviews. 4.6 of 5 stars. Road handling and value for money is tops, followed by road noise and durability. One a modified 2006 Kawasaki ZX-14 – run at drag strip and Bonneville salt flats, tires wear well and hold onto the road. On a Gixxer 1000K3, top tyre, superb grip in dry, more skittish in wet. Another person rode them at Mid Ohio – great feedback, never felt grip going. Another person recommends the ContiRaceAttack over the Michelin Pilot Powers.

    Tested at the track at race speeds noticed what felt like tire slip but was actually carcass flex, as the day went on did get tearing. Tire life was very good. Got 1,200 track miles compared with Dunlop D209 at 800 miles, Michelin Pilot Race at 650 miles and Michelin P1 race tires at 400 miles. Good for track day, not for race day.

    Front felt a bit heavy at slow speeds. Steering seemed similar to BT 016. Solid in sweepers and switch backs. Was able to drive off the corners faster than Michelin 2CT. Front tire provided average braking grip as compared to the BT 016 and 2CT.

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