Bridgestone R10

    Ranking: #4 Sportbike Track Tire, #7 Supermoto Race Tire, #9 Sportbike Race Tire

    Bridgestone R10 Bridgestone R10
    Tire/Tyre Description

    New tread pattern and 3D grooves maximize grip performance both in braking and acceleration. Flexibility-optimized construction provides quick warm-up and better grip in low traction. Optimum crown profile and construction offer great turning and line-holding performance in acceleration out of corners. Vertical grooves at optimum angles on the front give high response to input at the beginning of turn. Vertical grooves on the rear improve control-ability at entering corners. Fine-tuned construction and compounds give high flexibility in cornering line selection.


    • Tire wear
    • Grip nearly as good as NTEC
    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Bridgestone R10 is a race and track day tire. As such it needs to be kept hot to operate safely, so if you are in the intermediate group or lower you might want to use a different tire. The tire wear was praised for a race/track day tire. Some were able to get same lap times as NTEC, while another went back to NTEC.

    Reviews by Source

    Tested at Snetterton 300 track on a Triumph Speed Triple. Reviewer says the grip is unlike any other. One other reviewer scored it a 4 out of 5. When hot provides excellent grip and neutral handling. When cold felt very loose, worse than Dunlop D211. Prefer Dunlop D211.

    One rider was at a track day where others were using the tires. R10 is close to NTEC. Side grip is better than the DOT 003 and the R10s wear better. R10 is substantial improvement over 003. Riders had faster lap time on NTEC. Another rider tried them two separate weekends and went back to NTECs. Rear was very good, hard to get it to spin. Front did not have confidence in, had a couple of saves. Went back to NTEC. Another is on his second set of R10s, coming off Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa DOTs. Pressure is key. Run somewhat high, 31-35 psi.

    Another rider ran the R10s in Vegas, front-medium and rear-hard. Was able to lift the front coming out of turns and rode as aggressive, with same lap times, as NTEC. Won two of four sprint races. Another rider was using Bridgestone 165 slick on F3 wheel. Felt grip was comparable to 165, with turn-in slightly bit slower. 165s had to flip and discard after 3 days. R10s made it through all three days without flipping, and planned to run for two more practice sessions before flipping. Got first on Saturday and third on Sunday. 120 front was just as good as 125 slick.