Bridgestone BT 020

    Ranking: #16 Sport Touring Tire, #24 Sportbike Street Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    Designed for sport-touring oriented riders who look for riding comfort, tire life, and tire design. One of the best selling sport-touring radial worldwide, Battlax BT-020 offers high-speed stability, long mileage, wet performance, riding comfort, and consistent performance.


    • Good tire life, better than some other sport touring tires
    • Works well on heavier, sport touring bikes


    • Front seems to square off/scallop
    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Bridgestone BT 020 is an OEM tire for a variety of bikes. This tire provides better tire life than some other sport touring tires, but does not stick as well as some shorter lived tires. Miles average between 10-12,000. Tires not recommemded for cold/wet. A number of reviewers said the colder it got the worse the tire performed. Also not recommended for hard cornering. More on the touring side of sport-touring.

    Reviews by Source Rear

    26 reviews. 4.6 of 5 stars. On a Honda ST1300 – wear well, handle well, and are reasonably priced, get 10-12,000 miles. On a Sprint ST – 6,000 miles for the rear, 12,000 miles for the front. Another says they go through two sets of tires a year, tried 5 different brands, like BT020 for performance and longevity. On a Kawasaki VN 2000 – get 8,000 miles and front cups every time. Front

    38 reviews. 4.5 of 5 stars. On a 2008 Ninja 650R – got 12,000 miles, slip during cornering, but for price and treadwear recommend them. Another says neutral handling, very stable and hard wearing, don’t handle well in cold/wet, skid the rear in corners, on cold/rainy days the front and rear drifts, switched to Conti Sport Attack and this has gone away.

    Rear. 19 reviews. 7.3 of 10 stars. Dry traction+tread life 8, wet traction+steering response+ride comfort+noise 7.5, cornering stability 7. Average total miles 10,969. On a Honda ST1300 – provides long life and handles well, was very flat in the center with cupping on the side at the end of their life. On a BMW R1200RT – provide long lasting good grip, very very noisy especially as the tires get mileage on them. On a Honda ST1300 – traction in wet is pretty good, dry is very good, able to drag the pegs. Front. 16 reviews. 7 of 10 stars. Tread life 8, dry traction+wet traction+cornering stability+ride comfort+noise 7, steering response 4. Average total miles 12,168. On a Honda ST1300 – provides long life and handles well, was very flat in the center with cupping on the side at the end of their life. On a Honda ST1300 – no cupping, even wear, reasonable mileage.

    17 reviews. 4.1 of 5. On a Triumph Sprint – front scallopes, got 9,000 km. Another says that durability is good, the colder it gets the worse the tire performs, only recommend in warmer climates. On a Kawasaki 1200 – no complaints, well worth the money. On a 2005 Yamaha FJR 1300 – get around 9,400 miles, front has been cupping.

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