Avon VP2 Sport

    Ranking: #33 Sportbike Street Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    Outstanding handling characteristics. Large footprint at extreme lean angles. High performance silica compounds for enhanced wet grip. Ideal for high performance bikes. Tri-compound for enhanced durability.



    • Front feels planted
    • Quick and precise steering


    • Compliance a bit stiff
    • Grip on bumpy pavement not the best
    • Low scores for traction predictability and grip at max lean

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    In the review (link to first review) they state “quicker and more precise steering” than the others they tested. Negatives included compliance, grip on bumpy pavement and traction and max lean. This review offers a comparison of other tires in this class, so it is worth a read.

    Reviews by Source


    This is a very comprehensive review of this tire. On a Honda Blackbird – changing line and turn in is very fast, line changes happen almost automatically, stability really stands out. Wet weather handling is at least as good as the storms. Rear at 1.5mm tread at 5100 km, front probably good for 6500-7000 km. Tire profile remained good for 95+% of tire life. For Blackbird will likely be going with Storm rear and VP2 Sport front.


    Ridden on a Sprint ST (replaced Dunlop Roadsmart). The Avon VP2 Sport have transformed the feel of the bike. Feels lighter and more precise than the Dunlop Roadsmart.


    Quick and precise steering. Low marks for grip on bumpy pavement.

    www.motorcycle-superstore.com Rear

    1 review. 5 stars. On a 2011 ZX14 – loves it.

    www.motorcycle-superstore.com Front

    1 review. 4.4 of 5 stars. On an RC51 – warm up quick and are stable, get about 4,000 miles from them.

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