Avon Azaro ST

    Ranking: #22 Sport Touring Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    Specially designed for high performance and extended tyre life. Engineered to cope with the loads of a sport tourer. Superb all weather grip. Gives excellent mileage.



    • Ride much better than bias ply
    • Stable
    • Corners well 


    • Some looking for a little more tread life, especially in the middle

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Avon Azaro ST tires ride smooth, are stable in the corners, and handle the rain well. The older Concours are not made in the needed sizes anymore. Better than pretty much any bias ply tire alternative. There really weren’t any negatives listed other than some looking for longer tire life, but others were saying they got more mileage out of these than other, comparable tires. The rear tire was rated significantly better than the front. a sit amet fermentum.

    Reviews by Source


    Ridden on a ZX-6R and 1998 Honda CBR900RR. Liked the feedback provided by the tire as well as tread life.

    www.motorcycle-superstore.com Rear Tire

    8 reviews. 4.8 of 5 stars. Very easy to balance, great tread pattern. On a 2004 Sportster – rear lasted 6400 miles and front has 7800 and still going. On an 85 V65 Sabre – handled well in the rain, provide confidence to accelerate hard out of corners. Wish this was dual compound because the middle wore out. On a CBR600F1 – tires look great, ride smoother, stick to the road and are predictable in the turns.

    www.motorcycle-superstore.com Front Tire

    5 reviews. 3.9 of 5 stars. On an 87 FJ1200 – tires have 7000 with perhaps 1500-2000 remaining, much better than bias. On a 1994 Honda CBR600F2 – ride is smooth and quiet, traction on dry is phenomenal.

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