Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme

    Ranking: #26 Sportbike Track Tire

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    Tire/Tyre Description

    Ultra-high performance trackday specialist. Recommended for trackday use. Superb dry weather performance thanks to super-sticky rubber compound. Very quick to reach working temperature. Large footprint at extreme lean angles. 3D siping with interlocking three dimensional points to improve stability and grip, limit tread flex, and allow the tyre to warm up quickly www.avon-tyres.co.uk


    • Tire wear

    • One reviewer liked the Avon 3D Ultra Supersport the best

    Overall Tire/Tyre Review

    The Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme is a solid track tire for intermediate to entry level advanced riders. Definitely needs tire warmers, takes the longest of the 3D series to warm-up. Straight line stability is solid. Tire wear is very good.

    Reviews by Source


    Tested in Almeria Spain on an R1 – had a hard time getting the rear to spin. Takes the most time of the 3D series to get heat into the tire. Recommended tire warmers. Tester liked the Avon 3D Ultra Supersport the best.


    Used tire warmers. Didn’t change suspension or anything. Usually uses full race tire. Straight line stability great. On the side of tire planted. Tire wear very good. No drama while riding it. Was impressed with the tire. Would use it again for track days. Through intermediate levels and entry level advanced recommend trying the tires. Lap times about 3 seconds slower as compared to full race tire, but tire wear is significantly better.


    Tested at Almeria in Spain, Niall Mackenzie, three time British superbike champion said the Supersport and Xtreme are as good as anything he has used in years for track days. Other testers praised the tires as well.

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