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    How to read your tire sidewall

    You need to be able to read your tire sidewall so you can make sure your tire is correct for your bike…

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    What is the tire speed rating?

    An incorrect speed rating for your bike can lead to tire failure…

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    What is the tire load index?

    If you pick a tire with a load index that can’t support the bike/rider weight it can lead to tire failure….

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    How to install a motorcycle tire

    Installing your own motorcycle tires can save you significant time and money, here is how you can install your own tires…

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    Is there a specific direction a new tire needs to be installed?

    Most street tires have a preferred or required installation direction…

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    When should I change my motorcycle tire?

    Here is some information on when to change your motorcycle tire…

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    What type of lube should I use when installing a tire?

    If you use the wrong type of lube when installing a motorcycle tire it can damage your rims…